“Will you stop screaming? I’m almost done!” “You say that every single time! Why can’t you just get it all ready the previous night?” “I had a conference call if you hadn’t realised.” “Yeah, obviously. And I’m the jobless one out here aren’t I?” Ishna retorted back. “For heaven’s sake Ishu, please. Stop losing your…

Episode 3

Another day, another episode \(・◡・)/

Episode 1

Is this series worth reading? Maybe or maybe not. You’ll have to check it out first to find out (~‾▿‾)~

Ha. Ha. DAY 11-13

Hey there! (I’m not even going to acknowledge how late I am with this post, coz I know you are super sick of it) Whyyyyyyyy?

I AM SO FREAKING LATE! (Day 5- Day 10)

I know, and I am super guilty. This series was started with such excitement and voila! Here, it turns to a backlog. If you ask me for reasons (College admissions, allotments, tired, cousin’s marriage etc etc) there are going to be plenty but that’s not going to help in anyway, is it? Hold on, I…