Episode 12

Non compos mentis is back after a small break! If you guys don’t remember the previous episode, here’s a link to help you out.

Phosphenes and Lacunae

It’s said that there are a 100 thousand million stars in the Milkyway Galaxy.And our planet is a small speckle floating in the dark eternity of a universe, that claims to be cold yet bustling with explosions- beginnings and endings alternating with each other whilst also briefly paused by silent and long periods of monotonous…

Episode 1

Is this series worth reading? Maybe or maybe not. You’ll have to check it out first to find out (~‾▿‾)~


Oftentimes we wonder about all the things that could have been. Things that could have gone right, only if we had made a slightly different choice than the one we made. But what we fail to realize is that maybe, in those circumstances, with the reality facing us dead in the eyes, the outcomes we…


It had been three weeks since the first case of the virus was reported in her locality. The main road was blocked and there was no way to reach her house via a vehicle. But this hardly made much difference to her life. She had always been cooped up inside her home, gardening and stitching…