Episode 12

Non compos mentis is back after a small break! If you guys don’t remember the previous episode, here’s a link to help you out.

Phosphenes and Lacunae

It’s said that there are a 100 thousand million stars in the Milkyway Galaxy.And our planet is a small speckle floating in the dark eternity of a universe, that claims to be cold yet bustling with explosions- beginnings and endings alternating with each other whilst also briefly paused by silent and long periods of monotonous…


“Will you stop screaming? I’m almost done!” “You say that every single time! Why can’t you just get it all ready the previous night?” “I had a conference call if you hadn’t realised.” “Yeah, obviously. And I’m the jobless one out here aren’t I?” Ishna retorted back. “For heaven’s sake Ishu, please. Stop losing your…

Episode 3

Another day, another episode \(・◡・)/