Um so college’s starting from Dec 4th. Practicals, Internals and Final exams ahead!

Non compos mentis will be on a hiatus for a few months now. I’ll try to post whenever I can but can’t really promise anything. Too much to study!

If I take up studying, blogging and everything all at once, I’m pretty sure I’ll descend into the dark arena of no return!

Hope we all survive the stressful days ahead and come out alive!

Thank you Sruth, for forcing me to re-write this story all over, in a much newer approach. Never thought it would be this much fun and hope I did justice to all the characters you came to love, back in our school days!

Thank you everyone else who joined on in this journey too! Padma, Kev, Sanj, Vibs, Tweety to name a consistent few! Your criticism and appreciation meant a lot to me! Thank you everyone else who secretly sneaked into my blog to check my posts now and then as well XD! Much appreciated guys!

Anyway, I’ll be restarting this series before you even know and annoying you all to read it again!

But for now, adios!

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  1. Girl, it’s fine!! You take your time!
    This story is so good, it’s definitely worth the wait!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🥺🥺🥺thank you!


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