Episode 21


“Can you please explain yourself?” Millie said the moment I and Vinnie entered. She stood in the middle of the living room, holding her phone in her hand.
Nathan sat down on the couch next to the unlit fireplace and took up a magazine to read, clearly giving us a hint that he didn’t want anything to do with what was happening.

“Explain what?” I questioned, hoping she hadn’t waited for too long on the terrace for me to return.
“She knows.” Millie said with a serious expression directed at Vinnie.
“Look if it’s about the scholarship, you don’t have to thank me.” Vinnie said cheerfully, even going as far as winking back. That only managed to infuriate Millie even more.
“Did I ask you for a favour in anyway, Yeshaswini?”
“Okay, let me confess my thoughts regarding this matter.” Vinnie said, holding her hands forward as if to stop Millie from speaking further.
Millie folded her arms, stared at Vinnie with a “I don’t trust you” expression on her face.
I looked at Nathan who beckoned me to join him and ignore them, which I returned with a glare and proceeded to be a part of the conversation, in order to dissolve it, just in case it developed into an argument.

“I snooped. That’s my fault, I’ll agree. But I heard you tell Arav that you’d like to give culinary sciences a try and I had a friend who works both in IICA and in an NGO so he could manage to arrange for this free training program. I don’t see why you shouldn’t take it.”

Millie now had a change in expression. It read somewhere between “Are you serious?” and “You can go screw yourself.”

“Okay. Cool. Let me make one thing clear.” Millie said, stepping dangerously close to Vinnie. I was ready in case Vinnie decided to scratch her face as a response to whatever Millie would reply back.
“I do not want your pity.” Millie whispered angrily, tears on the brink.
Vinnie shaked her head in surprise.

The intensity of the argument was abruptly brought to a halt with Nathan munching on the Nachos, pretending to be completely oblivious about the situation of the room.
All of us turned our heads toward him, glaring.
He looked up and said “Um. I’ll just leave, and you guys can finish your discussion.”
“Nathan.” I said. “Stop acting like this doesn’t concern you.”
“Uh, it does not. And neither should you be standing there for that matter.” Nathan shrugged as he picked up his things to leave.
Millie instantly turned to Vinnie, as if she didn’t want to waste time on Nathan’s charades.
“Look, you might think you’re being a wonderful person going around making things convenient for others, but all you’re doing is disrespecting them. I have no idea what I’m still doing here, after all the crap you’ve thrown at me, but it doesn’t matter. I’m used to getting crap from people anyway.”
She looked down for a second. Vinnie opened her mouth to reply but she didn’t say anything. Her forehead was broken into lines as she sighed deeply.
“You need to stop being a jerk, Vinnie.” Millie concluded.

“Okay, that’s the limit.” Nathan said, turning around and changing his plans of exiting the room. He joined the group, stood opposite to Millie and said “Take that back.”

“So you’re all ganging up on me now?” Millie said, rolling her eyes.
“Nobody is ganging up on anybody, okay? Will you both just stop your childish bickering?” I said, finally stepping in.
“Arav, please-“
“No, you listen to me.” I said defiantly.
“Vinnie, apologize to Millie for that day and Millie please just accept the offer for now and give it some thought over a calm mind, how about that?”
Millie looked at me, the ground, then back at me.
Then she cussed at Vinnie under her breath and left the room.

To be continued->


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