The last second ticks away,
The safe haven has passed,
I’m now standing,
Deep in the trench,
Wolves sneaking up on me,
In the corners of my eye.

I turn around,
The air getting denser,
The breeze has lifted up,
Vanished into the nothingness,
Having joined the rays of the sun,
Forgotten away in closed books.
All what’s left is,
This spectacle of hopelessness,
Entagled within a messy twist of events.

I can feel a shadow nearing,
It takes my hand,
I see no more,
It’s all grey and noise.
It leads me,

I know my feet are moving,
Dancing with a stranger,
through the tall grassblades,
That pierce through my skin,
My bleeding already numb,
By the fog of misunderstandings.

The shadow takes me away,
Further from the light,
Blinder than ever.
It turns me around,
And now I stand,
Facing my reflection,
Naked, covered in bruises.
I try to cover up,
But the smoke leaves,
Pulls my hands away,
I can hear laughter,
And curses.
Can’t even cover my face in shame,
A little drink and I could be done,
But they push me forward,
Ask me to be stronger.
To hold on to lost hopes,
To a lost cause.

How many more fights,
So cold,
The dark water rising below me,
The smoke suffocating my lungs.
I’m pushed to the rock bottom,
Bricked up from all sides,
My nails scratching the high walls,
To find a way out.

And through the darkness,
A small ray of warmth reaches out,
Falls on my tear stained cheeks,
Pulls me by the hand,
Lifts me high up,
Higher than I ever imagined,
Until I was blinded by the brightness,
And surrounded by
only the contentment of being released.
I try to open my eyes,
And I feel two hands close them
From behind me.
I could feel the whites reducing,
Returning to normal.
Turning around,
I open my eyes,
To finally reach where you are.

This one’s for you Hikari. Your turn now. (◍•ᴗ•◍)


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