Episode 12


Non compos mentis is back after a small break!

If you guys don’t remember the previous episode, here’s a link to help you out.

The air outside was humid, with no hint of any breeze. Even though, the evening sun was waving us a goodbye for the day, the approaching night didn’t seem to have the supplementary chillness that we saw back in the city.
As I stepped out, I could find the sea, a golden yellow streak of line drawn across the horizon as if it were a royal embroidery separating the Earth from the yellow sky.
The others stood outside the black steel gate, each one holding a bicycle. I saw an extra parked next to the gate. Vinnie looked up and waved at me and beckoned me to join them while Nathan stood facing the sea, clicking photos on his phone.

“Where did these come from?” I asked, hopping on the bicycle meant for me.
“Oh, I rented them from a shop nearby. You’ve already made us wait for way too long. Let’s go!” Vinnie yelled as she started pedaling away with full speed, Millie trying to catch up with her.
“Nathan?” I called out.
“Ha.” He replied, now bending down to click a photo of a small creeper on the compound wall.
I shook my head and started cycling away. I could hear Nathan behind me, screaming and asking for me to stop.
That action earned me a headbutt from his elbow once we arrived on the beach but it was so worth it having him scream all the way till there.

The sun had almost set and the four of us stood facing the waves with its metronomic music ringing in our ears and its salty vapours splashing on our feet.
It had been years since I’d watched the waves fall, or even the sunset, now that I think about it.
The sea calmly exhaled its mist onto the rough, coarse sand and then rapidly inhaled it all back as if it had changed its mind. And then it repeated the entire rhythm all over again. It felt so chaotic, yet paradoxically ordered. The stars were almost peeping from between the clouds and the palm trees were casting their evening shadows whilst buzzing with the wind behind us.

I should have realised everything was too calm all of a sudden, because only within a few minutes of silence there was already a handful of sand and seawater that was thrown at me. I turned around, ready to scream at Vinnie only to see Millie laughing her head off, holding more sand in each of her palms.
“You kidding me right?” I asked trying to block my face from the onslaught.
That didn’t help much when someone else threw more sand, aimed at the back of my head, from behind me.
I turned around to find Nathan standing in the same attack position as Millie.
“Really? Two against one? That is so not fair okay I mean-“
I was stopped midway in my sentence when Vinnie came running from a distance throwing all the sand she could manage to gather in her hands, at my mouth.
“Grea-fth” I muttered spitting out the sand, while the trio stood laughing as if they’d turned insane.
Vinnie walked up to me, her hands behind her back. Suspecting she’s upto something again, I took a step back but she held my hand and said “There, there, there. It’s alright, we won’t fool around too much with you , poor little child.”
And the very next second she’d taken all the sand in her hand, thrown it at Nathan’s face.
The next half an hour, Millie and I had sat down on the beach facing the sea, while Nathan chased Vinnie around to get his revenge which he terribly failed as his exhaustion took over and he finally gave up and joined us instead.
Vinnie too came back and stood a safe distance away from Nathan in case he decided to continue his mission out of the blue.

“It’s honestly such a nice change from all the city crowd, isn’t it?” Nathan asked staring ahead, oblivious to Vinnie gathering more sand in her palms.
“Really? I wonder who had to be kidnapped into coming here.” Millie asked.
“Oh shut up.”
“Well, let’s atleast make the most of these days cause you know the amount of backlogs we’ll face once we go back.” I sighed.
“Yeah, you guys have it rough. But Millie is good, isn’t she?” Vinnie said throwing a small pebble in the air and trying to catch it back.
“Why would you say that?” Millie asked looking up in surprise.
“Well, I did make sure you get a week off, didn’t I?”
“And that’s some how supposed to make me feel less stressed?”
“Um, yeah?”
I could make out a little tension in the air so in order to diffuse it I asked Nathan if he wanted to continue chasing Vinnie again, to which he happily said “No”, cause he didn’t feel like it. He was clearly not taking my hint, the thick head that he was.
“So you’re saying-” Millie said standing up.
“You’re saying that my career and work is well taken care off when people in power like you manage to give us some leniencies, which by the way, is to benefit you in the end anyway, right?”
“Dude, what are you trying to imply?”
The childishness from Vinnie’s face was momentarily gone.
“Are you trying to say, that people like you have it worse than me just cause I have a job that seems like it’s on a much higher rung in the society? Seriously?” Vinnie asked, looking straight at Millie.
“No, all I’m saying is-“
“You just implied that I can buy my way through life.” Vinnie remarked angrily, with her arms folded across her chest, as if to block away the undesirable accusations that she felt was being thrown at her.
“No that’s not what I said-” Millie replied back, trying to get a word in.
“Why does everything have to do with my status quo? It’s not like an unlimited wealth would guarantee peace of mind.”
“Dude, seriously? Just calm down, alright!” Millie screamed back.

The whole conversation ended with a brief, uncomfortable pause, after which Vinnie turned around and walked away towards the place where we had parked our bicycles to go back home.

To be continued->


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