Episode 9


It had been two days since the café episode.
Nathan was still displeased with me for having run behind Vinnie even though it had been futile cause Vinnie had mysteriously disappeared into the night.
And now, I’d recieved a mail requesting me to clear a week in my schedule and also make sure Nathan does the same. She had gone on to say how she had bought an old farmhouse in the outskirts of Udupi, overlooking the sea and it would mean everything to her if we all went with her and helped her set it up.
“Not happening.” Nathan gave his final say.
I tried to convince him but he would hear nothing of it.
“C’mon, you know you can ask Druv to handle everything for a week, you’re almost done with that mall project anyway.”
He turned to me in anger.
“Even if I had a month off, she’s going to be the last thing on my list, okay?”
“Well, atleast she’s on the list” I smirked, which earned a well deserved glare.

I called Millie to enquire about her decision, and it turned out Vinnie had used her connections to conveniently get Millie a week off.
“That’s one of the plus points of being such a renowned chef in the city such as herself, everyone in the hotel business listens to you.” Millie said. I could sense a hint of tiredness in her voice. “That’s also one of the main reasons why I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of her on that date night.”
I had no idea that Vinnie was doing so well in her field and that she had so many people looking upto her. What did she want from two old friends trying to scrape through their meagre lives and a waitress who she hardly knew?
“So you’re going on this trip then?” I asked.
“I could think of a million life issues that I could have addressed in this one week off, but do I look like I have much of a choice here?”
I sighed.
We talked for some more time and she told me how Vinnie was planning on kidnapping Nathan in the last moment if he kept refusing to go.
The thing is, while most others see these statements as a non literal way of speaking, when it comes to Vinnie, it meant serious business.

So, I really shouldn’t have been too surprised when Vinnie showed up at our door early Monday morning at 5 am in a Tempo traveller, pulled Nathan across the street with the help of Millie, shoved his phone in my hand and asked me to request Druv to take care of all his upcoming meetings.
And before we knew it, Nathan had cursed at all of us with every cuss word he ever knew, I had talked to Druv, Millie had packed all the clothes belonging to Nathan that she could find in such a short time and we were off!

The TT driver didn’t look too alarmed by the fact that a bunch of people had escorted an unwilling, noisy person into his vehicle.
“He’s used to it.” Vinnie said when I asked her about it, which was met with concerned glances from Millie.

Turning to NH 75 highway, we were soon speeding away, leaving the bustling city behind us.
Millie hardly spoke and Vinnie wouldn’t shut up.
She was pointing out to Nathan how stubborn he is while in turn recieving silent death stares.
I looked across the green, deserted view outside my glass window and wondered how this jaunt would end up.

To be continued–>


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