Episode 5


Vinnie had always been a complicated person.
Either she was jumping around the class like a monkey on loose, or she was sitting in the darkest corner reading her book while listening to Tritonal.
She hardly paid attention in class and she didn’t concern herself with it. As long as she was being a clown, irritating everyone around her and reading her books, she was content.
Nathan wouldn’t talk about the date and I knew nothing more than what Millie had told me the other day.
Vinnie and Nathan’s rifts had always been one of the high levels of entertainment the class got to watch. While Vinnie did it all in good taste, Nathan took all the offense he could muster up.
For instance, the incident during the Dance night that the seniors had organised.
First of all, the principal gave no permission to organise it in the evening.
So it was a Dance night, that occurred during the day cause nobody could be bothered to change the name. Or maybe they stuck on to the lost hope of the Principal changing her mind, which never happened.
Anyway, Nathan decided he’s going to get together a couple of his friends and get a band ready for the event. And I having absolutely no experience with music and an immeasurable amount of stage fright did not stop Nathan from putting up my name in the list.
“If my best friend doesn’t stand by me, then nobody will” he said.

All that was emotionally very touching, but for a person who ends up seeing the stars and feeling dizzy while presenting a small class seminar, performing an art that I had no knowledge in front of the whole school was something that was already giving me nightmares.
When I voiced this concern to Nathan, he asked me to stop worrying and that I’ll be easily able to manage to learn it in a day or two.
I could already sense the whole thing taking a turn for the disaster.
With a lot of convincing, he got in two other members for the band. Akul and Ruthu, both of whom had some idea, considering the fact that Akul  was a part time drummer in the society band group and Ruthu was taking paid Electric Bass classes online. Nathan himself had been taking singing classes since he was seven.
This made me more anxious than before. I begged Nathan to let me handle the other back stage necessities but he wouldn’t listen.
We still had to decide the song and what additional requirements needed to be added.
Maybe everything would have sorted itself out and Nathan would have probably managed to make it work. But things don’t always go according to plan.

To be continued–>


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