The eye of the storm


The eye of a storm,
That’s not an easy place,
Safe as it sounds
And looks like you got a steady roof.
But how do you know for sure it’s going to last.
Out you step,
And the lightening frightens you,
How strong? You ask everyday
How much longer to hold on?
All the debris around,
Flung towards you,
And it’s hurting your wings now,
How did you not notice it before?
One small twirl,
Little change
Go with the flow,
That’s not how anybody survives.
You hold the cold air tightly in your fists,
Swing it around
Until your breath becomes the fuel,
The fuel to the storm that engulfed you in the first place,
Until you carry the clouds filled with thunderous rain forward,
Forward enough to destroy towns filled with lethargic rules
Until your wings burst through the changing winds
And the winds no longer need to take you back home
For all that’s gone,
And you’ve arrived on
An entirely new day
And the storm,
Well, now that’s the name you go by.

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