Episode 4



I halted the car as we reached our destination.
Millie let out a sigh and I looked across at her strained eyes and felt bad.
“I’m sorry for all of this, and I really appreciate you for not calling security.”
“I hope the hotel’s still in one piece” was all that she replied.

We got down and noticed the building’s lights were off. And the entrance was locked.
And most unexpectedly, we found Nathan and Vinnie seated on the steps leading to the entry, her head on his shoulders.

“Nathan?” I called out.
He looked up, his hands holding a bottle of wine.
Vinnie looked up too, her face showing a sign of recognition and leading its way to a wide grin.
“If it isn’t Anxious Arav?” she said and she got up to greet me with a hug that I returned.
“Guys, what on earth just-“
“We had one hell of a date!” Nathan cutted me short as he got up too and joined us.

“Yup!” said Vinnie backing him. Then she went on to tell Millie that they had paid for the damages and there was nothing to worry about.

Millie still looked apprehensive regarding the whole thing and tried to stay a safe distance away from both Nathan and Vinnie.

Vinnie, however completely oblivious to this treatment, turned to me and Nathan and gave a smile.
“Adios folks, meet up soon!”
She leaned in for a final group hug and walked away.

“How’d she get you inside that aquarium?” I asked trying to get some information out of the mess.
“And that, my friend, will remain unsolved.” Nathan said as he walked to the car.
I ran to keep up with him.
“So, is there going to be a second date?”
“Yeah sure, when hell freezes over.”

To be continued—>


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