Episode 3


Another day, another episode \(・◡・)/


We were in my car, driving to the restaurant while Millie kept up her constant complains regarding everything that happened that night which had left her no choice but to climb up my ladder and reach out to me.

It had all apparently started when Nathan threw a glass of water at Vinnie’s face.

That reminded me of that one particular walk to the bus stop back in school.
The six of us, including me, Nathan, Vinnie, Ayesha, Akul and Neil walked everyday via the main road, crossed it, went a little further and catched a bus.
That one rainy day, all our bottles being empty, prompted Ayesha to sing “Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink”, lines from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
Ayesha’s bottle had H2O printed on it, which she had scratched out with her marker and replaced it with “You could pretend it was water”.
That definitely intrigued the majority but nobody chose to drink from it, especially considering the fact how drunk she acted all the time.
Neil, decided that he was going to be a nuisance, snatched all the bottles, and placed them in a line in the middle of the empty main road in order to harvest the rainwater, currently going to waste.
Then the impulsive person he was, decided to leave all the six bottles behind as sacrifices to the monstrous vehicles that were to arrive in the future and ran to the bus stop.

“I demand you to bend down and collect all our bottles and return them to their owners” said Nathan to Vinnie as the five of us stood facing our bottles on the road.
“I find it amusing that you think I pay heed to the gibberish coming out of your mouth” came the reply.
“You really should-“
“I find it amusing that-“
“Alright, shut up!”

Nathan gave up and went ahead.

“Why on earth would Neil leave behind his bottle as well?” I asked.
“Maybe he had some of Ayesha’s ‘water’.” Akul said, earning him a death glare in return.

When we finally reached the stop, Neil was waiting for us with a wide grin, which was soon wiped out as we splashed all the water that our bottles had collected at his face. All, except Vinnie.
When asked why, she started “I find it amusing that-” which was stopped short as Nathan bent down and scooped some puddle water and threw it on her, gaining the might of everything that was in her flask on himself.

While that day had ended with all of us having a friendly fight, today hadn’t been that carefree.

Today, having been drenched, Vinnie’s only plausible repay turned out to be pushing Nathan into the huge aquarium.
When the worried waitresses came to check what had gone wrong, she’d said, “Oh don’t worry, his memory is that of the goldfish that’s giving him company at the moment. He won’t remember a thing by tomorrow.”
“That is if he’s alive, get him out!!” Millie had squealed back and with the help of a few others had managed to get the fuming Nathan out while Vinnie watched the fun.

“Wanna split the bill?” she had asked, giving her smug smile.
Nathan had rolled his eyes in return.
“Oh but you haven’t eaten anything” he had said as he picked up her bowl of soup and poured it over her head.
“Oh I’m sorry, you got some on your hair” he’d continued, and then resorted to frantically search for something in his pockets muttering “oh, where is it?”
Then looking up, he had grinned, and picked up another glass of water.
“Don’t worry, noone’s searching for a ring”
And he’d splashed it over her face again and walked away.

“No so soon, Snobbywobbly” Vinnie had said to herself as she had taken the empty glass tumbler and rolled it across the floor, on which Nathan conveniently slipped, hitting a passing waiter, whose curry plate landed all over him.

After which, Vinnie had walked upto him and asked him to pay up for her ruined dress, to which Nathan had responded with, “In what universe did you believe I’d agree to that?”

In response, Vinnie had climbed to the mezzanine and started throwing the lanterns below.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Nathan had screamed while the waitresses and the manager were running around trying to keep the other customers safe and sane.
“If you can’t pay for my dress, I was obviously going to make you pay for something”
“You’re the one destroying the place woman, they’re going to make you pay”
“Oh I’m sorry I don’t see that happening”
“Yeah, since you’re probably broke, what you do see happening is you washing all the restaurant’s dishes in compensation so that-“
“It’s amusing that you think I pay heed to-“

That is when Millie had taken Nathan away to the side and begged for him to leave. When Nathan had refused, she’d called Mehul who had booked the table and got hold of mine and Nathan’s address.
Convincing the manager not to call the police, yet, she left the hotel while Nathan had started throwing utensils in response to Vinnie’s lanterns.

To be continued–>


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