Oftentimes we wonder about all the things that could have been.

Things that could have gone right, only if we had made a slightly different choice than the one we made.

But what we fail to realize is that maybe, in those circumstances, with the reality facing us dead in the eyes, the outcomes we recieve for our actions could have been the best one that the universe had planned for us.

Don’t get me wrong. Making a wise decision is always a must, but it’s not always black amd white when it comes to these things.

When you find yourself lodged in a grey area, with all the options looking bleak, you spiral into a whirlpool of “What went wrong and where?” questions, bringing all the incidents of the past and going to sleep with a heavy head.

And that’s exactly what Dhyuti had been doing to herself.

Even though her semister exams were just a few weeks away, all her mind could think of was the rustling palm leaves across the length of the warm sandy beach laid magnificently beside the undulating waves of the far- off oceans.

First she pushed the thought away by labeling it as a distraction, but why would her heart keep bringing it up? Was she so caught up with life’s coarse and unpoetical realities that she had forgotten to appreciate what she had always dreamt of?

So she went back, opened that social media account of hers and scrolled down to the posts that she had shared online a few years ago- group photos of sunsets and striking weird poses for the camera. All of them happy beneath the cold rays of the setting sun and their feet deep in the wet salty sand.

She smiled as she looked back at all those memories. And all the grey that she felt earlier was monetarily replaced by the warm friendly yellow of gratitude.

Am I posting this series on an alternate basis?


*bows and walks away*

Until next time, stay safe guys!


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  1. Kevin Daniel Goveas says:

    Well written ✨👌

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