Episode 1


Is this series worth reading? Maybe or maybe not. You’ll have to check it out first to find out (~‾▿‾)~

Humor is most definitely not my forte.

Nathan’s to blame.
Not for the wine ’cause it’s brilliant.
But for all his crappy motivation on how I could achieve it.

The window opposite to me let in the gush of the winter night’s cold wind. I bent over my writing desk to put on it’s latch, when it happened.
A white ghostly figure held the window back, it’s hand looked like it had carved it’s skin from a polar bear that it must have slaughtered brutally-
“Hey, I’m sorry, but could I please have a word? It’s an emergency.”

It was a young woman.
And she was in her kitchen apron tied over her culinary uniform, climbing over my window.

There’s a chance all this could just be my wine.

“Are you Arav?”
“Um, yes-“
“Okay, hi Arav. I’m Millie. I didn’t mean to startle you, but I tried getting in through the main entrance but it was too late and the security-“
“Do I know you?”
“Look” she said, her voice suddenly stern.
“The chance of us knowing each other is a bare minimum given the fact that we both are just mere subsets from samples randomly drawn from the same underlying population.”

Maybe it was Sheldon’s skin.
Or a grumpy polar bear that ate Sheldon.

“Are you planning on coming with me or not?” She screamed.
“Excuse me?”
“I work at the restaurant.” She replied

An unnecessarily long pause followed after that.

“I didn’t know Nathan stole the wine again, I’ll pay you guys, please don’t-“

“What, no! You need to take your friends back with you. None of the staff is able to handle them.”

“My friends?”

“Yeah, the Nathan guy and-“

“There’s two of him?”

“There will be if you keep drinking that Satan’s drink. Now will you open the entrance before I skin you alive?”

I looked at her gloves, then back at her.
Then at the wine.
Drank my glass empty. Held it in my hand for safety and moved towards the door.

To be continued–>


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