It had been three weeks since the first case of the virus was reported in her locality. The main road was blocked and there was no way to reach her house via a vehicle.

But this hardly made much difference to her life. She had always been cooped up inside her home, gardening and stitching crochet. The pandemic did pose a threat, considering her age was 64 years. The house help got all the groceries and her son had informed him on call to take all the sanitary precautions and to be safe.

Her son was supposed to come back this summer, having taken an extended leave from his work.

But fate clearly had different plans. She didn’t care if the outbreak was a result of a well planned out affair or an unintended blunder. All she knew was that she hadn’t met her son for almost a year now.

Everyday she awaited his call, and sometimes her prayers were gladly answered. Other days she had to go to bed with a heavy heart.

But she made those days better by going back to the albums- photos filled with innumerable memories, of her husband and her kids. She was happy about everything life had given her, but slightly displeased with the fact that it had been taken away too.

She’d learnt to understand that it was late, and the stars were almost out. It had been a good life, and that she had been blessed with everything she wanted.

So everyday, she opened her door and stood facing outside, letting the small gush of wind brush her graying hair and wrinkled cheeks that once held a natural rosy tinge.

The world was more polluted than it was before and the people more corrupt.

But maybe, just maybe things will get back to normal. And she hoped she’d be there to witness it.

For now however, all she wished was the ring of the telephone that she awaited so patiently everyday.

Hey guys, here’s my first post in this category.

Cannot promise to be regular, but hey, it’s still a start of something new!

Until next time, stay safe guys!


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  1. Kevin Daniel Goveas says:

    I must say, this is a fine piece of work, the pandemic has got us feeling cranky, sad, irritated, but we do have hope 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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