20 Days!


The good stuff and the stuff involving wasps.

Long time!

Firstly, in reference to my previous post- Stranger Roommate, I ended up having two roommates instead of one.

One has an infectious laugh, and we don’t stop laughing if we start, the other one talks a lot eats very less but have so much in common with me.

It’s been fun until now though. Turns out I’ve been adjusting quite really well, in fact.

While I have new people’s faces to remember and new things to adjust to, there’s this one thing that my room offers freely that I can do absolutely nothing about.




As of now, I haven’t seen any roaches, so that’s the good part. But there were praying mantises, lizards, a wasp and a “god-knows what insect that looked like a hybrid between a fish and an insect”.

  • The praying mantis was just outside the room, so it wasn’t much of a problem.
  • I take the honor of single handedly killing the lizard. Both my roommates had gone home, and there was no water in the dining hall, so I had to wash my plate and my hand back in the room. So I come in, with only one free hand and this lizard is sitting bravely on the bathroom door. I run to grab the insect repellent, can’t find it, call mom, make a big fuss, mom scolds me about acting irresponsible, I cut the call, somehow find the repellent, spray it all over the lizard which hides on the wall above the door inside the bathroom, so I rush inside to wash my plate and hand as soon as possible before the insect comes down. But I fail, as the damn lizard starts coming down more rapidly then I had first calculated. So I rush back outside, as the lizard comes down entirely and hides near the buckets. Seizing the opportunity, I throw a whole bucket load of water on it, and drowned it to death. And that’s how I survived.
  • The wasp story is a bit, uh, how do I say this- a loss for us? Mrs. Pregnant (80%sure) Wasp was lurking near the bathroom window from almost three days. It was back once again in the morning when I went to take a shower. And when I least expect it, it dives right above my head and sits on the door, blocking my exit from this small cubicle of darkness forever. I now could see how it all was gonna end.
    But I somehow made it out alive, my eyes all red from glaring at every leg shake, wing shake, getting loads of shampoo in my eyes. But it was worth it. Coz I got to live.
    My roommate had to go next, she called the security to get rid of it. The wasp outsmarted him, hid away in a dark corner, that guy assured us its gone. But it was back in the afternoon. And this time, I can feel it in my bones, its back for revenge.
  • The fish- insect hybrid already looked dead (and gross). We sprayed a lot of repellent and flushed it down the toilet.

So, that’s with the insects’ story.

Coming to the good parts, about the college, it’s just so AMAZING!!

The campus is huge and so calm. The skies are at its best during the evening and makes my walk from the reading room back to the hostel so refreshing.

Here are some images:

To add to all this, there was a 3rd year fest going on when our batch just entered. So, during the orientation program, when we had nothing to study, this was a wonderful source of entertainment!

We also had a birthday party!


It was fun! 🎂🎉🎊😋

Coming to the academics part, the professors here, though quite nice, rush a lot with the portions. Which means, within 20 days  we are already drowning in record submissions and loads to study.

And that’s why I really couldn’t come back here. In these four months of holidays (when my college was  still being decided), I had managed to make such good friends from the blogging community- The sunshine artist, Warren Richards, herrstoryy, iscriblr, syncwithdeep, Peppered with stories, bike and backpacker and so many more!

So, if you had thought I just disappeared into the thin air, then you know now!



Of course, as you can see I’ll be super irregular from now onwards😅 (not like I was any different back then, but still). But I’ll make it a point to keep reading more of your wonderful works whenever I have time and keep sharing my stories too!

Till then,




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  1. Bee’s I can’t do, but lizards 😦 we have them here in FL where I live and I find them so fascinating and cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frothywinter says:

      Oh I’m so sorry!🙏😓 One of my friend scared me telling about how a lizard had made quite some mess in his bathroom. So since I was alone for the day, I had to make the move! I’ll make sure not to do it again👍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww it’s ok, usually they are or harmless.😊☀️🌼

        Liked by 1 person

  2. frothywinter says:



  3. dawnautom says:

    Nice post dear, ya you have to watch out for those killer insecks thalli eat your brain. 😝 😂 🤣


    Liked by 1 person

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