A Full Circle?


Have you come across writing prompts that sometimes demand you to finish your story where you started it?

Forget writing prompts. There are well known stories that do follow the order of events that bring you back to the initial point. The Alchemist, for instance.

You come back to the place where you started.

For a person who walks around thinking “Oh, I saw four red plaid shirts today. Is that a good omen?”, coming across this was like some kind of a “Ohmygod, this can be personified into so many levels” realization.


I had to visit my college for admissions around a week back.  It’s a one and a half hour journey from home, which means when classes start (from next week) I’ll have to stay in a hostel that is a five minute walk, within the campus.

It’s a familiar route, the one we take everytime we plan to visit my grandparents. And having many more relatives’ houses fall in the same direction, making for more stops along the way.

Then there’s this:

A parle company. That makes your biscuits and the well known potato chips Lay’s.

Wayyyy back in school (3rd or 4th grade?), they took us on a field trip to this place.

Yeah, like the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory kind of a thing, except that we had to buy our way in. There were no Golden Tickets or anything. Lol.

And it was pretty much around this time, was when I first got the idea of taking up med for a profession. (Why? That’s an other story altogether)

After that the preferences shifted to Archeology, Historian, Meteorologist and god knows what else, finally coming back to where I started. The past two years were tough and I made terrible mistakes that could have been avoided, but luckily I did manage to get a seat.

Watching the Parle company pass by my window was like a full circle back to where I started. Another whole new opportunity. To not make the mistakes I made the first time. A chance that I should make full use of.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any mistakes. Like that song Try Everything, from the movie Zootopia that goes in the end:

“I’ll keep on making those new mistakes
I’ll keep on making them every day
Those new mistakes”

It’s just a circle. There’s always a new chance!





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  1. Yes, mistakes do indeed happen, then again thankfully they give us the opportunity to learn, grow, and do better! 🙂

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    1. frothywinter says:

      That’s so true! 😊👍

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      1. 😊☀️

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