The Unknown


In response to this week’s QHTP prompt:  “Eyes”

Here’s my entry:

The Unknown

It’s a far distant world

And here I am

On an infinitely winding path

Contemplating the options

So few

Yet so conflicting. 

Walk through the woods

It’s a dark night

Silence broken

By these hasty footsteps. 

Afraid to look up

Afraid to look around

For those red gleaming eyes

Might just pounce on me 

Who knows? 

Blanched faces

Hazily appear

And fade away to the dark depths. 

And I keep going

Just keep walking

Not knowing when the tunnel might end. 


A line stopped in the middle. 

A story that could never be told. 

Into the obscure unknown

Into the unknown. 

Thanks! 🙃


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    1. frothywinter says:

      Thank you!! 🙃

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