A Glow in the Dark


For this week’s QHTP prompt :Glow

Here’s my poem:

A glow in the dark,
And here I am lost in space
Darkness all around
Yet there’s always a glimmer of hope.

Everything out there
An Enigma!
But that’s what makes it alluring.
Who knows, what turn
Life might take.

Another glow
Distracting me from my path
How is it so blinding bright?
I want to get back

Among the billion stars,
My shimmering glow awaits me.
Sometimes hidden by the dark grey clouds
And sometimes appearing so near.

But I know you’re too far,
Not yet close by
But that is the glow that keeps me awake,
And gives a shining reflection of hope to my sweat.

Through this dark void
I make my way,
Knowing that I need to reach the glow
Where my heart and everything else seems to lie
And make it there,
I definitely will!


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