The Revenge and Rain



Ask me! I know exactly what happened.

So the Rain had made a promise to the Sun, to not pelt down on the earthlings living in Bangalore, so that they could teach those greedy selfish humans a lesson for not taking care of Mother NatureSun being a very loyal son to Mother Nature, knew he had to avenge this gruesome act committed by humans, and he knew exactly what to do.

To make their lives miserable with scorching summer heat.

And you remember me complaining about it in Summer Heat and Dragons .

But here’s the thing, okay. He had to approach his sister Rain in order to stop her from cooling the climate by her downpours. And as we all know, unlike her brother Sun, Rain is a very soft hearted soul (thing? Whatever). And you have all those romantic rain scenes, “I’m good for nothing and I cannot achieve anything.” crying scenes that happen in the light drizzle and of course the lament of the lover who’s trying to deal with a break up, drenching himself in the pouring rain- to prove how much of an emotionally driven soul Rain is.

And that’s why, she could not keep up her promise with her brother. She heard my complaints, and knew it was finally time.

Time to betray her dictatorial brother. He had dried the Earth enough.

And I need to give her credit, she did a marvellous job!

A thunderstorm, followed by a hailstorm!!

Honestly, when I saw the colour outside my window before it had even started to drizzle, I was kinda surprised. It had been unbearably hot in the morning (Curse you and your stupid revenge, Sun!).

But who would have guessed, that this would follow??


20180330_154440.jpg20180330_154409.jpg 20180330_154122Yeah, I’m coming to the hail stones part!

(My internet connection is too slow okay! These images took me like forever to upload)


Amazing isn’t it?

According to my mom, when she was a kid, hailstorms at her place were much stronger than today’s. So the hail stones were many times bigger, heavier and more in number- so huge that they could break roofs. But that’s not the interesting part. My mum and her sisters used to take a handful of these cold stones and gobble it down their throats. It was supposed to do good. At least that’s what my mom says. And that’s why she and dad ate quite a few today as well.

And I didn’t get any.

Me- You didn’t spare any for me?

Mum- They melt away within seconds. Of course, I didn’t save any🤷‍♀️

Me- Whaaaa?

So the sadist that I am, I googled if it was safe to eat hail stones, and it turns out it isn’t (Haha).

According to some unproven source, hail stones contain many strains of plant and cloud bacteria along with more than 3000 chemical compounds.

Though that sounded reassuring, it didn’t make me feel better anyway. I’m waiting for the next hailstorm to gobble a few without giving them to mom.


Thanks to Rain‘s betrayal, today had been good.

I know this had been a long post, due to so many photos. But I know you are okay with that because its raining in all of them.

And what’s not to love in Rain? (Except that her brother is a jerk.)

K Bye!!


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  1. Sunith says:

    Is it In Bangalore?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frothywinter says:

      Yeah. Today’s rains🌧🌧

      Liked by 1 person

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