I Will be Betrayed No More!


Today seems to be turning out really well. Enjoyed the hailstorm in the evening and now such good posts on wordpress. But, I really need to stop dodging my studies, so off I go!
But before that I am reblogging an awesome post by Grateful Single Mom. You can check out her amazing blog for more such posts.
Till then farewell!

Thriving Not Surviving

As I’ve gone through my journey of recovering from my past and self-discovery I’ve come to realize one thing more than anything else.  The person who has betrayed me more than anyone I’ve ever come in contact with is….me.

I have been betrayed by my low self-esteem; missing every opportunity because I felt I wasn’t good enough, not deserving enough.

I have been betrayed by my lack of self-worth; feeling unworthy of love, real love by someone who values me as I am.

I have been betrayed by my poor self-confidence; allowing fear to dominate my decisions, holding me back from accomplishing all I am capable of.

I have been betrayed by limiting beliefs; permitting thoughts of “I can’t” or “if only” to obliterate all hope for the future.

I have been betrayed by misguided thoughts; blaming others and in blaming handing over control of my happiness, my right to…

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  1. iScriblr says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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