The Song



Your heart’s always singing out to you. That favourite song which only you can hear. Feels like there’s a quartet and a duet going on somewhere deep inside, but it intends to remain mysteriously uncertain.
In those obvious dark uphills, you mute your surroundings and hide away in that cave of remorse that does nothing better.
The song tries to drift in, and you keep pushing it away. You try not to listen to those big fairy-tale dreams that the song speaks of. That happy bright life’s tune it brings with it keeps filling you with guilt.
And then you take that final decision.
To either stay in that dark cave forever or come out and listen to the song which keeps speaking of things that look impossible. And either way there’s no going back.
If you decide to stay in that cave where you’re safe and its so dark that no-one can cause you anymore harm, then you would definitely have it your way and finally the song would stop one day. Your heart would have given up. It will no more pester you with all those annoyingly indefinable horizons. But is that really what you want?
If you muster up the courage and set your foot outside the cave instead, your heart would welcome you back and show you the way. It would keep singing to you until you reach where you want to go, no matter how far, and even after that. You would fall again, but it will seem less severe, because the more you listen to that song that your heart keeps singing, all the other chaotic remarks and failures will be drowned. Only the hope and dreams of attaining your destiny would remain because that’s all your heart would allow near you.
And the more you learn to love your song, so different from everyone’s else and louder than the noise of the world, the more your life would start to look like the song.
But are you willing to take the risk and listen to your heart?

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