Raging Waves


This is response to this week’s Quirky Humans and their Poesy

Word prompt: Raging

Raging  Waves

Visions rapidly speeding by,

The raging waves reach the sky,

My raft is tossed high,

In this ocean that screams a lie.

A tide pushes me higher into the sea,

The colourless gull,

Never ceases to hover above,

It’s wings playing a note of music,

Beginning out of nowhere,

Wishing me luck for today’s fare.

Soon I reach a tiny isle,

Where there is no space to build my castle,

Telling me to move on,

And that there are more storms to be won.

Standing on the shore,

I try to find as to what the gushing waters bore,

Mocking at the waves that never reach me,

Fearing the ones that pull me off my feet.

But the ones I admire,

Are those that splash on black mighty rocks,

Far from my reach.

Resuming my voyage,

Into the blue ocean,

I suddenly wake up,

Only to realise,

My whole life had been a dream.

Now, I watch the outside world,

Through the crevices on the wall,

Bringing with it the tune of the ocean,

That my heart deserately longs for.

Asking me to begin my day,

Once again,

Battling my way.


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  1. iScriblr says:

    This is wonderful!❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frothywinter says:

      thank you!!

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