Sleepy plants and ghosts



There’s this plant called the Eternity plant.
If you are a bio-geek, you might recognize it as the Zamioculcas Zamifolia or the ZZ plant.
And it does just that much.
Pretty much sleeps.

It doesn’t grow, it doesn’t die. It just sits there.


It remained like this for around 6 months.
And suddenly there was this tiny green thing coming out from the ground.
And after 15 days, I saw this.


My aunt who works at University of Agriculture Sciences, Bangalore , had introduced this plant to us and she had warned us of its slow growth.

The first sapling which my mom kept downstairs, defied all the slow growth restrictions and had already vegetatively propagated twice .
And now finally, mine had started growing.
And can you believe what happened after that?
This came up out of nowhere. With no provoking.


Mum said it might be some random seed which might have got in when she was changing pots.

But. Hold on. Don’t you see?
How much weeds are similar to ghosts?
Okay here me out.

  • You never wanted them there. But they are still there.
  • You have no idea how they suddenly popped up.
  • They are taking up the resources meant for someone else. They are feeding off You!
  • And they need no provoking.

Alright! I know I went too far with that. I don’t even know for sure if it’s some random weed with no use. It could be some awesome plant with some pretty flowers or other amazing characteristics for all you know. If that’s the case then I might as well change it to another pot. But if it’s not, then it’s going with the manure.
But for now, it’s a part of the family.


K, see ya!



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    This is interesting! 🙂

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