So I was going through my gallery today and I had to stop at this image gleaming back at me from my screen.

I remembered the day I took this picture,around half-a-year back, when the monsoon was at its peak. It was a bumpy ride to college and the glass panes were closed to keep the drizzle from entering inside.
All of us were cramming our notes for the days test and then my very observant friend pointed out to this silent opportunist sitting on the pane, escaping the onslaught of the drizzle.
For a second it looked like a dried leaf stuck to the glass, rustling every now and then, but how could we miss those microscopic (figurative!) legs.
Despite all that excitement overload and the gravel laden uneven road that acted as the antagonist, we managed to click this picture of this crafty arthropod giving us company in the rains.
(But after a few minutes it hit me that I had never dared to hitch hike before, and this small insect had succeeded in achieving this great feet. And that kind of annoyed me. So the love story ended there. And I moved on 仄儭.)

K, later.

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