Noisy two years



The only thing that came to my mind when I first saw this word was Pre-University life.

Okay, probably it was the second thing that came to my mind ( after my least favourite band, whose name I don’t intend to reveal in case they sue me for spreading hate.)

So, I’m going to use this word prompt as a message to all those going-to-be 11th graders out there.

The next two years of your life are going to be as noisy as it can be, drowning every last bit of sane voice from your head, leaving behind a black void from where there’s no escape for a temporary given amount of time.

Yeah, I know a little dramatic. But that is how it is okay!

To explain it to you in a easy way, let’s take this example.


Consider this container with some sample of gas in it. It’s closed with a movable piston.

Now move the piston down. You are applying external pressure. The gas inside is obviously compressed.

        External pressure leads to internal                                      compression.

That is how your life will be for the next two years.

External pressure might come in the form of:

  1. your work schedule,
  2. hundreds of assignments to be completed,
  3. overnight reading of three tests in a day,
  4. an overachieving sibling/cousin,
  5. a very nosy neighbour who is more interested in your life than the on going elections,
  6. parents who are trying their level best to calm you down,
  7. teachers who try to keep the stress levels down,
  8. All those people who keep telling you that you are your dad’s daughter, you are obviously going to achieve something great,
  9. that cute cat videos which are the reason behind your procrastination and the follow-up guilt trip.

All this ends up leading to the internal compression that has it’s own varied forms:

  1. Hopelessness about the future,
  2. Helplessness about the current situation,
  3. Taking depression tests online and getting “mildly depressed” as the result and wondering if the internet connection is proper or not,
  4. Checking out bipolar conditions in Google and being devasted for three days (never Google your symptoms! If you check Ebola’s symptoms, there you have it now. It’s like those pamphlets in the novel The Three Men in Boat.),
  5. Crying,
  6. Going to sleep early because you can’t handle life any more,
  7. More guilt trips to the land of procrastination,
  8. More crying,
  9. Getting to be more rebellious and more sarcastic (I think that’s a good side effect, or probably not. Idk.),
  10.  And in the end, worse of all cases is having that Identity crisis label 24/7 over your head. Coz trust me, until 10th grade it’s okay to be called a kid. But once you go to pre-university, you have that urge to finish the next two years as fast as you can and somehow get into some college to get a degree after your name and finally be someone. 

This ‘I can’t do anything right’ feelings followed by a guilty flashback to all that time you’ve wasted will result into much more time waste that becomes a part of the next guilty flashback you take in the upcoming depressing moments in future.
Yeah, so it is really really more complicated than you think it is.
And not really a situation you’d be completely and wholly happy in.
And no matter how much people around you keep saying that it is the small things in life that really matter, and you should try to be happy where you are, you just can’t take it to heart. Why? Because you know that even the people who say it don’t really mean it. I mean if they did, then do you really think there would be such a big hype about the 12th board exams that is going to decide your entire life and probably even the next.
Except that I don’t really believe in more than one life. Okay off-topic.
My advice remains one and the same.
Don’t. Suffer. Alone. And in silence.
It’s never healthy and never works. It didn’t work for me. It didn’t work for my classmates. Approach someone you trust whenever you are feeling down. If they can’t bring you out of the situation, they’ll at least be there for you.

Okay! Now that the worse is behind us, I’ll talk about the good stuff! And thankfully, there are plenty!

  • You’ll learn so much, much more than you ever learned in the past ten years of your school life. So, with a little more effort, you’ll probably even start enjoying the topics that were once sounding like gibberish.
  • You’ll make amazing memories. Since you’ll be working so hard, all those leisure times, lunch breaks and games periods are the ones that you’ll treasure a lot.
  • Amazing teachers who keep trying to enhance your understanding and interest in the topic.
  • Awesome friends who simply won’t keep their hands off your food and won’t stop feeding you theirs.
  • You’ll learn to be humble. You’ll learn how to deal with the fact that you can’t and won’t know everything all at once. And that’s okay.
  • You’ll learn that the thing that really matters is giving your best and not being the best.
  • You will change entirely for the good, yet retain a part of yours that has simply bettered over time.
  • And your own experiences and learnings that is simply different from me, cause we are different people.

Hope that helped. If not, there’s always those annoying over-motivating quotes and videos that’s never worked for me. Happy Surviving!

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  1. Kevin Daniel Goveas says:

    Well this was really helpful…….. if u had sent the link last year


    1. frothywinter says:

      I took a long time to figure it out myself. Glad you found it worth reading. Good Day!


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