An easy word prompt👅



The only thing that can fully capture the essence of this word




My cat Dummu. I mean, what else?


When he was a kitten,



Now he’s all fully grown (four years this February, that’s like 28 cat years!😺😺)


And lastly, here’s a roar to all the cat-haters. Run away from here!


Okay, see ya!


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  1. Lovely! I hope my cat can do that too!

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    1. frothywinter says:

      A cat-owner? Can I see it’s pics?

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      1. I will send you one 🙂 I have only one cat now. I used to have three. Two of them passed away. I was devastated. But I still have a beautiful 5 years old tonkinese.

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      2. frothywinter says:

        Oh! I’m so sorry about that. I know how it feels. My previous cat went out one day and did not return and it was hard getting over that.
        Tonkinese cats are really very cute. I’m pretty sure yours is a sweetheart.😺❤
        Mine is a mixed breed.

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      3. Yeah, she is very sweet. I like cats very much. So, post more pictures! I enjoy your posts tremendously.

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      4. frothywinter says:

        Hi5 Felinophile! Cats are simply amazing!
        Thanks a lot! Sure I will. Do check out my other posts.
        Your stuff is pretty amazing too. Was just browsing through!


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