The Crooked Fin



First thing that came to my mind was of course a river.

Next word that crossed my mind was thoughts

But my thoughts are usually a collection of confused clutter, made of junk.

A river meandering through an array of cluttered thoughts.

A river meandering through junk.

A river suffering from pollution.

Nah. Water pollution is too much of a serious issue to talk about.

How about we go to Google Earth and see some Meandering rivers??

The first one’s River Ganga from India near Patna(Bihar).


Next, we have the River Nile. That contrasting greenery and desert is what really stands out!


Third, the Mississippi!!


And now something that will blow your mind.




Zoom out of River Mississippi!


I could do this all day! But screenshot-copy-paste-ing it here, sounds like cheating because it’s not original. So I present to you the most original thing under the sun (drumrolls). My recent poem (It’s based off a fish in my aquarium).

The Crooked Fin

Everytime I look through the glass,

That’s filled with tiny algal patches,

I see a tiny fanatical fish,

Floating with the bubbles

That pop whenever they near the filter.

Everytime I see,

It’s fins are pushing

Through the recycling water,

And the fish

Obsessed with it’s swimming

Through the weeds, the toy-wreck,

It keeps pushing.

Until that one day, I saw

Through the algal glass,

The tail fin gone all crooked,

And the fish out of shape.

Rubbing it’s head to the glass,

Trying to float again,

And twirling around

In a desperate attempt to avoid the filter.

It’s fin,

Oh, how it represented life (I know, the cheesiest of all lines- bear with me.)

Forceful and fiery initially,

Then crooked and dying in the closing.

That’s when I decided,

To let it go,

And cease the further agony.

So I let it go,

To the meandering river behind my home.

And it swam away,

To join the boundless conscience.


I guess that’s it for now.

Okay, bye!



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