I touched it again and felt a breeze.



A word equivalent to Reality.
But who deviates from the facts so much that you start doubting it can ever happen?



They say that writers have a tendency to make everything dramatic and interesting.
(I don’t know who said that. I just wanted a starting statement.)
But I don’t completely agree. Whoever said that, never really bothered to have a full look around themselves.
From the daily television soaps to the metamorphosis of a butterfly, everything is histrionic.
From the depressed person faking a smile to the meaningless whispers of the wind, everything is complicated.
Then why is that writers are often seen as those natural machines entitled to create exaggerations in this otherwise dull and colourless world?
Yeah, of course without those exaggerations, this world would still remain colourless and who would be happy in it? But that is not the point.
My point is, it’s not a colourless world. And neither is it not dramatic.
Which means writers are not exaggerating and you need to stop accusing us of it.
Though we are not offended by it.
Uh, actually you can continue accusing us. It’s like a compliment in disguise. Okay, off-topic. Sorry. Back to the thread.

To support my point (though I haven’t made it clear what it exactly is and I hope you haven’t, died out of boredom. Or suspense. And even if you have, I hope it’s the latter.), I have this small poem that I once read in my school.

I read a tight fisted poem once



I searched the pdf for the book, which Google fortunately understood this time. No, I still have the book but it’s filled with my untidy handwriting that I’m not really proud of. It’s better now, so stop judging 👅.

Alright. The conclusion of everything above.

The writers have got their facts right. In their own way. 

And taking reference to the above poem, writers are basically those who can stop and move slowly allowing that moment of realization that tells them how nothing really is exaggerated and is beautiful the way it is. Except that the others don’t see it that way.

My point is anyone can be a writer.

Reality is strange. Sometimes harsh and nasty. But once you master the trick of slowing down, and get your facts right, you’ll finally start to appreciate how it really is that beautiful.

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