Imagining a Gaussian surface?



The first thing that came to my mind, reading today’s prompt, was Physics.

And of course some very dramatic Poem ideas that I intend to ignore.

Why Physics you ask?

You tell me. Which other subject uses the word “imagine” so many times? Of couse, sometimes “imagine” is replaced by it’s cousins “assume” and “consider” , but it doesn’t really matter.

Trust me, if “Imagine” and its cousins didn’t exist, we could have never proven any of those derivations and proofs that come stressfully free when you take up any topic in Physics.

Imagine two closely spaced equipotential surfaces A and B with potential values V and V+δV. δV is the change in……..

Consider a charged spherical shell having a charge Q, uniformly distributed over it’s surface. Imagine a Gaussian surace surrounding it……

Yeah, I have a physics exam coming.

Okay, bye!

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