When you start hearing Voices.


12th standard can be a pretty complicated year in anybody’s life.

Since there are already a hundred million memes out there in the net, I prefer to stick to originality that might look overused and fake. But trust me, that one year of your pre-university life,  probably has the highest number of loops for your rollercoaster. And the worst part is that seemingly forever existing sense of identity crisis and hopelessness to deal with the situation.

Here’s an instance of what happens in an average 12th grader’s mind during the study holidays for the “most important exam that would decide whether you’d flourish or be doomed.” (From personal experience.)

Voice 1:  Ah! Four days of holidays!! I can finally get up at 10 in the morning.

Voice 2 : Dude, You’ll fail. It’s math and-

Voice 1 : Exams are not everything you need to live for in life. Now sleep is something that-

Voice 3 : -Only four days left. *sobs* I’m failing.

Voice 1 : Alright. But I’m not studying anything today. I’m sleeping early and getting up late.

Voice 4 : How about binge watching all those Youtube videos of Cole and Marmalade that you’ve already watched four times before?

Voice 1 : Hey, I’d like that. Add smoothiethecat  to the list too.

Voice 5: If you don’t work hard, you’ll break all those people’s trust, who have so much hopes on you.

Voice 2 : Finally, someone’s talking sense.

Voice 3 : I can’t finish even half the portions if I start now. I’m such a worthless human being. *sobs*

Voice 1 : Yeah. You can’t change that. So let’s just go sleep.

Voice 2 : Look I know that it feels-

Voice 5 : stagnant, hopeless and cloudy.

Voice 1 : There was no need to make the situation so dark, Voice 5.

Voice 3 : *Bursts out crying so loudly that the other voices are drowned.*

Voice 1 : *shouting* look what you just did. Let’s just go sleep. That’s the best way we can calm down Voice 3.

Voice 2 : *shouting back* Or we could try talking sense-

Voice 4 : Or we could show her some memes-

Voice 5 : Or we could push her off a cliff and-

Voice 2: -Let’s just so sleep.

Voice 1 : *glares to the extent that there are sparks coming out* I told you.

Voice 4 : Should I schedule the videos to tomorrow then ?


Yeah. I should be studying now.

Okay, bye!


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